• Toni Roberts

Yoga By Nature - Website Re-Design

Project URL: https://www.yogabynature.org Project time from start to finish: 6 weeks. (February/March 2021)

The client came to us because their site had become difficult to maintain, chaotic and difficult to navigate for the user.

They had an already extensive and content-heavy WIX website, built & added to over the years by the client.

Yoga by Nature - New Logo
Yoga by Nature - New Logo

Our process:

Our first stop was to talk to the client over Zoom to ascertain their hopes and needs for the new website. We wanted to know the 'must haves' & the 'nice to haves' so that we could plan according to the clients budget. We then followed up with a questionnaire to help us identify and define their design preferences.

We could see that the biggest issue was the sheer weight of content not being clearly presented, creating a less than optimal UX. We understood that the site needed to be future-proofed to allow for the flourishing business. The owner was already comfortable using Wix, and after much deliberation, we decided to stay on that platform.

After gathering all of the necessary information, we set about collating the content to see how the site could be re-structured for optimal navigation. Working together with the client, we created a new site map that would lead to the next stage; wireframing.

Using Adobe XD, we wireframed the entire site, working closely with the client as we went to ensure they were happy. Once the wireframes were complete, we began the UI design, creating colour & font palettes and collating a new image library. We also offered a free logo upgrade (the one you see above), which they loved & are now using.

The business's ever-growing and changing nature meant that the client wanted to update their own website weekly. We felt that the best way to facilitate this was to utilise and build a comprehensive, dynamic lead content management system (CMS). This would allow the client to update easily & regularly without disturbing the new structure and design.

Following the new site structure, we built the entire site on a testing area, ready to be populated with the newly structured content.

After a second Zoom showing the client around their new site, we left them for a week to play and get a feel for the UI and UX we had created. This process informed the final stages of the Q&A process & any final refinements to the user experience and content.

Once the client had signed off the build and content population, we were ready to go live, porting the site across to their account, preparing SEO and final CMS links.

We provided a comprehensive hand-holding/off-boarding process to follow up, consisting of a live Zoom call to take the client through the CMS and instructional videos that they could refer to afterwards and ongoing support up to 3 months after the live date. The client is now successfully managing the site

"I'm getting on really well with the site, thank you. It is very user friendly."

Client Feedback:


'The site looks wonderful; I love it! It's the grown-up version of what I was trying to achieve on my own. I can't think of any changes I would make. I love how you have incorporated colours other than the green/ white theme into the palette. My current site has been through so many incarnations I'm scared to reset the defaults. The new one is really well organised and feels spacious and easily navigable. Very refreshing...It's been a revelation to have an expert and objective eye taking it all to pieces again...I am now embarrassed by the current site - it's a bit like going to get a new pair of shoes and suddenly realising how tatty the ones you are wearing have become.''

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